Books by Chris Kilham

Sharing healthful knowledge is a high calling. These books written by Chris Kilham help fulfill that calling.

There is nothing like a good book. Even in our fast-paced, rapidly changing world, in which electronic media is supplanting all other types of media, books hold a special place. A good book is like an old friend, worth visiting again and again, worth hanging on to.

Chris Kilham’s books range from stories about medicine hunting and sacred plants to practical advice on yoga and sexual health. Spanning a 40-year period, his books represent different aspects of his work, from his earliest days promoting organic foods to his deep involvement with yoga to his ongoing work with medicinal plants. Whether your interested in eating healthier, improving your yoga practice, maximizing your mojo, or learning about what it’s like to travel the globe hunting for medicinal plants, the books here will educate, inform, and inspire you.

Most of these titles are available on or offline and some are considered collectables. We have added direct links for purchasing individual titles whenever possible.

The Lotus and The Bud
Cannabis, Consciousness, and Yoga Practice
By Christopher S. Kilham, Inner Traditions | Park Street Press, January 2021

The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook
The Essential Guide to Ayahuasca Journeying
By Chris Kilham, North Atlantic Books | Evolver Editions 2014

The Five Tibetans
Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy and Personal Power
By Christopher S. Kilham, Inner Traditions | Healing Arts Press 2011

Hot Plants:
Nature’s Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women
By Christopher S. Kilham | St. Martin's Griffin 2004

Psyche Delicacies
Coffee, Chocolate, Chiles, Kava and Cannabis, and Why They’re Good for You
By Christopher S. Kilham | Rodale Press 2001

Tales From The Medicine Trail
Tracking Down the Health Secrets of Shamans, Herbalists, Mystics, Yogis, and Other Healers
By Chris Kliham | Rodale Press 2000

OPC: The Miracle Antioxidant
How It Acts to Prevent Disease, Restore Health and Upgrade Quality of Life
By Chris Kliham | Keats Publishing 1997

The Whole Food Bible (Revised Edition)
How to Select & Prepare Safe, Healthful Foods
By Chris Kilham | Healing Arts Press 1994

Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise
The Pursuit of a Natural Alternative to Anti-Anxiety Drugs and Sleeping Pills
By Chris Kilham, Inner Traditions | Park Street Press 1996

Cowboy Marketing
How to Shoot from the Hip and Win on the Wild Frontier of Natural Foods Retailing
By Chris Kilham | New Hope Communications 1993

Inner Power
Secrets from Tibet and the Orient
By Christopher S. Kilham | Japan Publications 1988

In Search of The New Age
A Humorous Look at an Immerging Culture
By Christopher S. Kilham | Inner Traditions | Japan Publications 1988

Take Charge of Your Health
Healing with Yogatherapy and Nutrition
By Chris Kilham | Japan Publications 1985

Stalking The Wild Orgasm
Complete Guide to Achievement of Long-lasting, Intense Sexual Fulfillment
By Christopher Scott Kilham | ACS Publications 1984

The Complete Shopper's Guide to Natural Foods
Vitamins, Supplements, Cosmetics, Kitchenware, and Bodycare Tools
By Christopher Kilham, N.D. | Autumn Press 1980

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