Chris Kilham and Zoe Helene in an Iquitos Market, Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Ivan Kashinsky

Medicine Hunter

Currently, global health care is in crisis, the natural environment is undergoing widespread devastation, and indigenous people and their knowledge are disappearing at a rapid rate. What can we do to help? At Medicine Hunter we focus on traditional plant-based medicines and their sustainable trade as a way to contribute to a better world. This work always involves a collaboration of talented people.

About Chris Kilham
Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, author and educator. He has conducted medicinal research in over 40 countries. As the FOX News Medicine Hunter, Chris' TV segments and columns reach across USA and International markets. CNN calls Chris “The Indiana Jones of natural medicine.”

About Zoe Helene
Adventurous husband and wife team Chris and Zoe work and travel extensively together. As sustainability correspondent, Zoe covers women, wildlife, wilderness, cultural arts and archetypes, and the rights of children—who are the stewards of the future.

Featured Plants
Some medicinal plants simply loom larger than others, and do more for more people. In this section we identify plants that are of especially high health value, and give you more information on those plants and their uses. Think of them as botanical stars in the spotlight.

Why Cranberries Are the Greatest North American Superfood

Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham and Dr. Oz discuss the anti-inflammatory and anti-aging healing properties of cranberries.

The Quest for What May Be Nature's Most Potent Aphrodisiac

ABC TV Nightline sent reporter Gloria Riviera to Malaysia with Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham to explore the world of Tongkat Ali, a potent natural remedy backed by excellent science. Sometimes known as "nature's Viagra," Tongkat Ali is a powerful adaptogen and sex enhancer. On the trail, Chris and his team journeyed to markets, and to the Malaysian rainforest, to see the world of this remarkable plant.


Chris Kilham's latest book, The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook: The Essential Guide to Ayahuasca Journeying, provides a practical guide to ayahuasca use, aiding seekers in making right—and safe—decisions about where to go, who to drink with, and what to expect.

Most Recent Media

Our Most Recent Media page has mixed pieces on psychedelics, mood-modifiers and energizers, with yet more super fruits, sustainable harvesting, our latest on The Dr OZ Show and many other venues. See also, our latest on FOX News.

Turbulence in The Maca Market | Earth Tribe - Activist News, Earth News | by Chris Kilham, December 2014

Massachusetts Native and Professor Chris Kilham Is ‘The Medicine Hunter’ | Boston Magazine | Jamie Ducharme, December 2014

The Latest Superfood? Peru’s Maca Root | The Wall Street Journal | By Kris Maher and Robert Kozak, December 2014

Why Cranberries Are the Greatest North American Superfood | The. Dr. Oz Show | with Dr. Memhet Oz and Chris Kilham, November 2014

Der Medicine Hunter | Condé Nast / Gemany's Myself Magazine | by Kristin Rubesamen

Ethnobotanist Chris Kilham: The Ayahuasca Experience | Reset | with Amber Lyon (Podcast)

A Professional Medicine Hunter Reveals The 5 Plants To Boost Your Sex Life | Business Insider | by Graham Flanagan

Stalking the Wild Eleuthero | UMass Amherst Gateway | by Laura Miller

From Morocco with Love, Or Rouge, Yves Saint Laurent | Vanity Fair | by SunHee Grinnell

The Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham | Welt am Sonntag (Germany) | by Lorraine Haist

In the Jungle With Dr. Feelgood | Outside Magazine | by Steve Hendricks

Medicinal Herbs You’ve Never Heard Of | Mother Earth Living | by Gina DeBacker

Chris Kilham Scours the Planet for Plants with Medicinal Properties | South China Morning Post | by Jeanette Wang

Fresh on FOX

Visit our Medicine Hunter on Fox News page for links to all of Chris' Fox News TV appearances and articles. Visit Medicine Hunter Fox News Column to find a running list of all of his articles, with links to the Fox site at the bottom of each page.

Puttanesca, the Healing Pasta Sauce | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Pumpkins, the Healthy Seasonal Food | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Healthy Benefits of Allspice and Nutmeg | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

A Warning on Phony Ebola 'Cures' | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Can Mantis Shrimp Help Fight Cancer? | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Aflatoxin, an Invisible Food Hazard | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Hibiscus May Enhance Weight Control | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Tobacco May Help to Save Ebola Victims | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Buying Fever Grips Peru’s Maca Trade | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Sapo Frog: Strange Medicine that Sharpens the Senses | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

New Study Reveals Cleaner Air Could Help Save Lives | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Malaysia’s Herbal Viagra Takes Off (Tongkat Ali) | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Indian Herb Shows Numerous Health Benefits (Ashwagandha) | Fox News | by Chris Kilham

Fox News
Chris is the Fox News Medicine Hunter and appears online and in USA and international TV markets. This activity puts us in a position to play an influential role in advancing the conversation about medicinal plants, sustainability, and holistic health.

FOX News Column
Chris writes a weekly health column on FOX News Health as the Medicine Hunter. Alternative Health articles promote benefits of plant medicines, and informs readers about traditional use and scientific evidence. The site gets over one million unique visits daily.

The Dr. Oz Show
Chris Kilham is a regular guest on hugely popular The Dr. Oz Show. Appearances enable Chris to inform a large viewing audience about the field of safe, effective plant-based medicines. A champion of complementary medicine, Dr Oz plays a key role in the health care paradigm shift.

Plant Medicines A-Z
This simply organized list offers a plethora of safe, effective plant medicines in alphabetical order. The search function also works.

Mind/Body/Spirit A-Z
Plants organized by health condition. For instance, if you are looking for natural solutions to help with "Pain," or "Sleep," or "Libido," you would find it on this page.

Yoga & Meditation
Chris has been a long-time speaker and presenter on yoga and meditation, at venues across the USA. Tune in, turn on and power up.

In the world of plants, some are used for sacred and ceremonial purposes, to explore the spirit world. The use of these plants derives from native cultures, whose members have traditionally sought access to the supra-normal through the ingestion of the plants and their preparations.

Natural aphrodisiacs can revitalize sexual performance and pleasure, promote sex drive and endurance, and enhance sex life and satisfaction for both men and women. They're safe, have no side effects, and they work. As a noted expert, Chris is often quoted on the subject.

An adaptogen is a botanical that greatly improves your body's ability to adapt to stress, whether it's a hectic schedule, heat or cold, noise, high altitudes or any number of other stressors. This elite class of herbs impart strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and improve mental clarity.

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